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Wrote this as soon as I watched episode 2 of Ryusei no Kizuna... Am a bit depressed this week (-_-;;;) so I'm glad I could online today!

If episode 1 was an intro to the siblings and the people around them, episode 2 is more of character development and the unfolding of what happened after the Ariake Tousan and Kaachan were killed. Again, there are 3 time line: the family before the murder took place, the siblings after their parents were killed and the present time.

The time slips between present and past is a bit too frequent in this episode, it’s somewhat more suitable with book-style- this is what I think in the first half of this episode.

However, the time when Ariake-tousan was teaching chibi-Koichi how to make Hayashi Rice and the overlap with adult-Koichi remembering it making it the moment that I’m fond of and love in this episode (i.e. my favourite scene)

Afterwards (2nd half of the episode), the time slips blended in perfectly.

The scene when the three siblings, both the past and the present, gathered and ate the Hayashi Rice was most touching in my opinion. The background music really filled in the atmosphere.

Adult Koichi’s expressions… they just spelt something that I couldn’t describe… perhaps longing and reminiscing... and hurt too. I have to applaud Ninomiya’s facial expressions- from the baka-like to naïve to mischievous to blank, it’s all there. I might compare his vengeance expression compared to Ohno’s in Maou now… it’s not as powerful in my opinion but the aura is still there. Maybe I just haven’t got the atmosphere that they’re seriously pursuing for their parents’ killer because currently the drama’s phase is still a bit calm for me. I haven’t got the idea or feelings on how this drama’s going to go (and whilst I’m still in the early chapters of the novel too)

Maybe in 1 or 2 more episodes then we’ll know, ne?

However, I’m glad that Taisuke’s character developed more in the second episode. It sort of gave a rough idea how Taisuke’s supposed to be. I think Ryo’s delving into his character nicely (while reviewing the first episode I thought there were a few scenes that seemed like he wanted to smile but there were no more in the 2nd episode). Plus, I haven’t seen him bring this kind of character so it’s quite refreshing.

I’m yet to see more of Toda-san’s acting to get the whole idea of how Shizuna character is supposed to be though.

Again, the background music was perfect, even the insert song by Mika Nakashima; so I’ll say this and I’ll probably repeat this another time I write the review -> I WANT the soundtrack!! Being an angst-lover, the background music really suited the mood and I absolutely loved the background insert music! (It also made me want to write again *cries* I itch to write new stories!!)

One thing that I hate in a drama (or in any writings that I read) is cliffhanger… Especially since I couldn’t get the internet connection until on the weekend (which by the way, the drama won’t be out till then, but still…).

But then, cliffhanger will build tension and that’s what people usually want the audience to have, ne?
(Yeah, being a self-claimed author, I completely understand that feeling… the more the tension and feedback, the more exciting it is to produce the next chapter, I know)


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