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I’m called to write this for 2 reasons: first is because Paediatrics posting has finished; at least for now, until we’ll meet it again in Final Year. The second reason being Nino’s new SP in Spring.

Anyway, let me explain how reason #1 somehow is connected to reason #2. Paediatrics is not my favourite posting- you can see the lack of enthusiasm of me flailing and telling how exciting it is in this rotation (compare it to when I was doing Surgery). In fact, most of the time, I’d be questioning myself how my sister and roommate could survive this posting? Other questions that kept playing in my mind for the last two months were: why the heck did I choose to do medicine? Why didn’t I choose an easier job? Do I really want to commit myself in this line? >.<
Yes, that’s how badly I wanted to be out of this rotation. 

But towards the end, it wasn’t so bad. One part of me is relief that daily scolding and nagging will end (though, in reality it’ll be the same, only faces will change) but another part keeps on saying I haven’t done enough and haven’t had enough training in this posting. Call me crazy but I think for the Electives at the end of this semester, I’m heavily considering doing this posting. 

Anyhow, one thing that I’ll miss the most is the kids- those whom when I entered in the morning would smile and greet me (or those who see me wearing white coat would start crying and hiding in their moms’ arms). This week I met with a 4 year old girl, who surprisingly got attached to me easily. In the end the mother and I talked casually and she was surprised to know I don’t have little siblings anymore (my youngest brother will be 18 this year).  

“No wonder you like small children…” she commented. 

That was the first comment I got regarding my responds towards children. In my family, I am generally known as someone who doesn’t really like children. Always, it’s my sister who would show more affection towards toddlers (especially babies) that my mom even suggested for her to become a paediatrician. So I was surprised when I got that comment. 

I do know that I like small children- I just don’t know how to handle/show affection towards babies that’s all; so her comment made me happy. 

Saying that, I have soft spots towards Autistic children- ever since I was 17 and met an Autistic child myself and lately that soft spots have made a space for Down’s children too since we have unbelievably lots of Down’s patients for the past 2 months. These are special children and my heart goes to them. If I do end up being a paediatrician, they probably are the driving force and my inspiration to become one. More, I adore the strong parents… having these special kids is not easy; it’s a heavy task and a great challenge. 

Sometimes I do wonder if I end up with Autistic or Down’s child, will I be as strong as them? 

Hence the reason I was so interested to see Nino bring Autistic role in Marathon- Applaud to him for bringing the character to live! 

In my laptop now is his role as someone who has Ewing Sarcoma- a rare type of bone cancer. 

And soon, he’ll bring the character of someone who has Cerebral Palsy. Someone who has Cerebral Palsy is usually life-dependant on someone else because they can’t coordinate their motor function. Currently we have a CP patient due to ongoing fitting and one of my second cousins was also a CP patient after high grade fever during infancy.  

Different CP patients will regain different abilities but they don’t have perfect motor functions like us. Patient with cancer was not something easy to play because of all the emotional-roller-coaster rides and the pain the patient going through; an Autistic was a challenge of its own, unless you’ve been with a group of them, it’s hard to understand them; but CP role is more challenging than that I guess. He has to do a bit of studying, I guess ^^



Putting that aside, I’m really looking forward for the SP and I’ll miss Paediatrics….

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Date: 2009-02-04 11:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ai-nino.livejournal.com
coincidentally, i was attached to the Paeds as well yesterday and today..

didnt really spend much time in the wards so didnt really experience much interaction with the kids..

but i did experience this part as u mentioned: "those who see me wearing white coat would start crying and hiding in their moms’ arms"

poor kids.. having all sorts of painful meds being injected into their body made them hate us (including me and u) in white coats (>,<)

no wonder the nurses wear pink in that ward

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Date: 2009-02-06 10:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] higure-san.livejournal.com
paeds is fun when the kids are fun to be with, ne? XD

about the white coat *sighs* i've been against it even before i started clinical here (since we didn't use white coat in australia) but it's the system here so it can't be help...

the nurses in serdang wear pink and blue apron with large pocket at the front... reminding me of taiyou sensei's yellow apron in yoiko no mikata XDD


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