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*pats myself at the  back* I succeeded in turning a guy friend of mine who actually wasn't fond of JE artists (Arashi to be more specific) into someone who recognized them! *ehm* Actually, it wasn't me... it was Nino's acting >.< *pats Nino's back*
Since I didn't have internet connection, I asked a good friend to download RnK... the results? He was impressed with Nino! Haha! That made my day!

And I have to agree with him too.
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Can't wait for the coming episodes. I'm wondering how the story's going to develop from here on?


Oct. 15th, 2008 09:01 pm
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Surgery's starting!

I like! ;)

Though the rounds are shorter (max like an hour!), by the time I got home in the evening, I'm flat. That doesn't take an account of the on-calls yet!

Demo ne.... I like it. I think I'll probably choose this as something that I want to specialize in in the future, provided I don't find other more interesting discipline. Psychiatry is another area that I have an interest in. We shall see it next year then, shan't we? ;)

But for now, I'm loving surgery! XD
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I just had to pause AnS103 and write this here -> I WANT that cheese cuisine!! Cheese is not really my favourite food in the world (I'd go anytime, anywhere for coffee, but not cheese), but just looking at those fluffy stuff... I want O_o;;; Especially that Epoisses souffle... I want...

I showed my sister and housemate 24 hour vid on Nino's part (where he visited Kanato-kun and Ai-chan) and we ended up discussing about hydrocephalus while watching it... They were doing Paediatrics and I don't think they've seen this kind of case before (I certainly haven't seen it since I'm doing Medicine) so it was quite interesting for us.

Gah, people in O&G finished their exams today! And now I'm stressed... not only for the horrible day yesterday but also for the next paper. Having to have to know 'everything under the sun' is no fun at all...
Yeah... before you could go to that exciting stage like in 'Code Blue', there will be exams, exams and more exams (which I don't mind the written paper, but viva/long case/practical... I dread those)

Wondering why I'm online? It's because it's exam week and I'm at the place where I can access internet easily. Starting Surgery posting next week, I'll be on hiatus again *sigh* (dreading the late night on-calls)
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I think yesterday's exam was a horror... That leg weakness completely threw me off my initial diagnosis... And of all examinations, I MUST get neuro, musn't I?

And there's one more paper to go...
Argh.... for some reason, I'm not really looking forward going into surgery now -_-;;;

Any tips to float my mood?
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Bad news is I have no internet connection at my new place.
Worse news is I only have limited time on the weekend to go home and settle a lot of different stuff to leisurely online
Worst news is I have no time to online even if I want to do so because clinical life is consuming every minute of my waking and sleeping hours

Sorry minna-san... I'm still taking the so-called 'break' from any internet activities
But don't worry, I'm still alive...
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A lot of things happened since I last jotted down anything here and a lot more happened lately.

I'm taking a break from writing for the moment...

And sort of switch the fandom to j-pop namely Arashi and NEWS for a while.

Don't worry, I still regularly read Naruto and my OTP is still SasuNaru...
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My two fics (What Are the Odds Anyway and Two Hearts: Serenade) will be on a temporary hiatus while I'm settling back into uni.

I know to some people, going back into uni/school is something petty; uninterested even. But it's a very stressing thing for me at the moment for a few reasons: 

One: I've been way too long on study leave- 9 months and was doing basically nothing except sleeping, eating, surfing the net, traveling, and writing. I relaxed too much. 

Two: I'm transferring universities; from one country to another and the two systems are quite different. Overall, I'm anxious and nervous to boot! Though I'd have learned some of the stuff, the long break didn't help at all. Feels like all the things I learned in the past were gone *orz* And the news of having weekly Friday exams (that will contribute to final marks) is not helping too *cries* 

Three: I'm panicking because I don't have an accommodation at the moment and uni's starting next Monday! O_o 

Four and more: the list goes on and on and on.... `A'

Oh, another crucial reason is internet access. I have no idea how it would be so it's only logical to put everything on temporary hiatus and wait till everything settles nicely.

I won't abandon my fics- not ever (at least the ones I've published) so no worries about them not being finished. I promise to return one day though when, give me weeks to months.

Well, if you have anything for me, comments, suggestion or just saying hi, leave a message here or PM me through my ff.net profile here. I'll get back to you once I have the time and luxury to surf the net again...

Well, ja! Take care minnasan!

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Gah! The suspense! *GrrR~* I hate it to be left hanging like that *pouts*
But then I hate to be left with cliffhanger of the fighting scenes too *more pouts*

No spoilers this time- don't feel like ranting it, apart from the fact that made me think 'ahh... Sasuke's on the run again' *sighs*
And that better be kage bunshin too! `A'

On the other note, my mind's working again for Odds *hurrah!*

And I want to write another romance fic *sighs* and probably some drama thrown in it too *orz* But I don't want to start anything, at least not until I finish Serenade and settle down in uni next week *shudders* And I haven't even found a house yet! -_-;;; 
(But I reckon Sasuke as a painter would be awesome to write *winks*)

P/s- how long does it take for chicken eggs to be hatched?! I've been waiting for a week and all the mom-hen seemed to be doing was acting dead in my mom's pot above the 7 eggs she laid! I mean, she doesn't even move to feed O_o;;


Aug. 2nd, 2007 01:01 am
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There's a white hen around the neighbourhood. Beats me if I know whose chicken that is *shrugs*
All I know is that she's one of the trio that usually scare a cat at the back of my house during her meal time (and trust me when I say these chicken eat fishes O_o)

But that's not the only thing that amuses me. Past weeks, this white hen laid 7 (at least that was how many the last time I counted) eggs into one of my mom's flower pots. And now she's in the pot, making sure the eggs mature and waiting for the time her chicks would be hatched.

And hoorah! We will have tiny, little chickies in our backyard!! XDD
(I might get this lil random info into my fic later *LOL*)

p/s- Can't wait to run after the little chickies once they're hatched! =P

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Have you watched scene in the t.v. where there're thunder and lightning and heavy raining at night time and the children in a house came running into their parents' room? -_- Yeah, like one in The Sound of Music, that's the one.

Somehow since 8 years ago, I don't like thunder and lightning (and I literally flinch whenever there's one)

There's no one in the house except my parents and I now. All my brothers and sister are away studying somewhere else, so it's only me the only child left while waiting to go back into uni this August. We had heavy rain and storm last night, and it was only 10 p.m. That forced us to shut off the television and computers.

And I went to my mom's room, clutching a pillow; "Can I sleep here?" O_o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I know!! It's embarrasing isn't it?! But my room is right at the back and what if there was a sudden black-out or power failure! I hate darkness! (Liar! You're a scaredy-cat!)

Somehow, I have a feeling that my sister and brothers and cousins and the rest of my relatives (and possibily my future family) will hear this from my dad...... -_-;;;;;;;

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Got back from a 6-hour journey and after an hour of grueling mopping and cleaning, I'm beat up.
Till I suddenly remembered that I haven't yet read chapter 363 of Naruto! O_o;;

A few days away from internet connection sent me to lack of interest to write Naruto's fanfic -_-;;;
I need some few good fics to bring me to that obsessive state again -_-;;;;;; Gah! This is what I'm afraid when it's time to start uni again! The horror...

Great, now I can't sleep, despite feeling very tired from the constant travelling (we're travelling again end of this week `A')/ )


Jul. 17th, 2007 02:46 pm
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I'm writing something (it's a s.e.c.r.e.t.!. XP) and one chapter prompted me to look for something on the net; Trio the Shakin ( *sigh* I watch too much Music Station -_-;;;) and it in turned made me head to YouTube to watch Kuitan XDD

And now I can't stop smiling, snickering, chuckling and laughing! For some reason, I have a feeling that I'll be addicted to this series, and Kuitan 2 that's out won't help too O_o;; I'll probably persuade my sister to find the DVD or something like that -_-;;;

But at least The Gluttonous Detective is distracting me from this agonizing, painful cramps I'm having *gRrrr~*

EDIT: Okay, I changed my mind; it's not just funny, it's hillarious! And I was laughing all way through till my mom came into the room and looked at me with this weird look. 

Sort of remind me of Antique Bakery too... That was just hillarious too XD
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When I first started What Are the Odds Anyway? (Odds for short) I have chaos, weirdness and light-heartedness (O_o;;) as the themes. Unfortunately I'm not good at writing humour *wails and runs towards the sunset* 

It's actually harder than I thought -_-;;;
why, oh why didn't I forsee this before actually publishing the first chapter? *wails* I can write angst and certain amount quite okay but humour *chokes* I have to be in the mood first and it's painfully difficult when my life in itself is quite boring and stale. And to prove that I'm not a funny person (or have humourous traits) you can check my list of fave fanfics; they're mostly angsty and romance-based. You can even count with hands on how many humourous stories I like *wails some more*

I do have a lot of ideas (and conflicting too at that -_-;;;;;;) for Odds; especially since there're quite a lot of PDs and it's interesting to match Naruto's character with any Personality Disorders or just psych conditions in general. It's even more fun to see if I can make Naruto pregnant (what the?! O_o) and create whatever chaos it seems possible to happen.

And then I lost track when I was trying to finish ATL and started writing TH: Serenade... I sort of abandoned Odds -//- *looks away guiltily*
But not to fear! I'm done with those and I can now concentrate on Odds XD I need to find something to inspire me again though. TNPC is on pause at the moment and that used to be my muse *sighs, I'm so dependant*

Plus, I need to get one scene of Forbidden off my mind (I know, I know! I said I'll ignore Forbidden but I can't help it the scene just flowed in my mind automatically!)

Note to self: Must write only Odds from now on!
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ATL's finishing in another 2-3 chapters and yet another idea (two actually) simmer slowly in my mind to the point of insanity. Especially since TH: Serenade is not even halfway through and Odds is not making any progress (why the hell did I even think of trying humor?!)

Really, I need to slow down *sighs* Especially since I'm going back into uni in proximately a month.

This is exactly why I can't stay home. I need something else to distract me from having my mind think of how to go about the new fic(s). With one, I've even wrote three chapters and gave a title (Forbidden). Good news (or rather bad one) is I'm having major writer's block with it XD. It could mean either two: I'll have days where my mind will be overworked to think about the rest of the plot or I'll just push it aside, pretending that it doesn't even exist so I can do some other things (like writing Odds and read some uni stuff! *Grr~*)

On the other hand, I've just found out that two of the most awesome writers are back (one I found out rather late actually ^//^)! That could distract me from thinking about Forbidden and concentrate on the rest XD Note to self: Must thank these people personally.

List of fics could be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1262676/ 
Four out of seven are completed, one is ending soon, Odds is an ongoing humor project and TH: Serenade will last till at least 40 chapters (I hope)


I'm still giddy that I found Phonixdown7's Sparta XDD

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Welcome to somewhere where I'll be constantly rambling, whining, amusing, endless-commenting and procrastinating about fics and my life in general.

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