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Watched it last night at Sunway's TGV
I've never watched the series but I thought I'd give the final movie a chance anyway
... I liked it ^^

I figured since I didn't watch the series, I'm in no place of doing HYDF review here. It won't be in much depth so it'd be pointless/meaningless.
I'll leave it just as it is, ne?
Anyway, for those who follow the series, the final movies is DEFINITELY a recommendation! Seriously.

Got home late last night; went for supper after the show, ended up reaching home at almost 2 a.m.
Then I fell asleep on the couch... ~uwa~ I haven't done that for a loooong time that I almost missed it! XD
Now I have the urge to watch a stage play... I really wanna watch a good stage play now *wails*

I also got the chance to meet Salwa and Vicky (luckypurple) during the screening. It was fun meeting them =) Salwa's so energetic! ^^ Thank you for meeting me, ne? ^^
Been invited to the Nov. 29th screening + Ohno's birthday celebration...
I was pondering what do I have during the day when I finally realized that the week after that is my posting's final examination (observed long case and one theory paper)... Ahh... I just knew it wasn't a good date for me...
And then I realized that I'll probably not be in KL anyway on the day... has agreed to join one of Mercy's programme, one that I've been looking forward to for weeks now. I think it's still on, this one I have to check with...

Wargh~, but I'd love to meet other Arashian~ Maybe next time? *pouts at one corner*

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The swindle surprisingly went quite smoothly and short; I was expecting it to be longer. And the way Koichi suddenly brought the sorrow atmosphere when he looked at the sky that night was brilliant. Of course, the music background helped a lot.


Read more... but I believe this contain spoilers. At your own risk, ne? )

The end of this episode was a bit confusing; there are a few questions and possibilities in my mind but I’ll just keep that to myself for now, ne? For now, it already created high tension for the next episode. The preview of the next episode was quite intriguing but one that really attracted my attention was Ninomiya’s expression in one of the takes… He looked so… argh, you have to watch it yourself! XD

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Wrote this as soon as I watched episode 2 of Ryusei no Kizuna... Am a bit depressed this week (-_-;;;) so I'm glad I could online today!

If episode 1 was an intro to the siblings and the people around them, episode 2 is more of character development and the unfolding of what happened after the Ariake Tousan and Kaachan were killed. Again, there are 3 time line: the family before the murder took place, the siblings after their parents were killed and the present time.

Read more... (not responsible for spoilers, ok?) )

One thing that I hate in a drama (or in any writings that I read) is cliffhanger… Especially since I couldn’t get the internet connection until on the weekend (which by the way, the drama won’t be out till then, but still…).

But then, cliffhanger will build tension and that’s what people usually want the audience to have, ne?
(Yeah, being a self-claimed author, I completely understand that feeling… the more the tension and feedback, the more exciting it is to produce the next chapter, I know)

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*pats myself at the  back* I succeeded in turning a guy friend of mine who actually wasn't fond of JE artists (Arashi to be more specific) into someone who recognized them! *ehm* Actually, it wasn't me... it was Nino's acting >.< *pats Nino's back*
Since I didn't have internet connection, I asked a good friend to download RnK... the results? He was impressed with Nino! Haha! That made my day!

And I have to agree with him too.
Read more... (might contain spoilers!) )Continue read... may contain spoilers! )

Can't wait for the coming episodes. I'm wondering how the story's going to develop from here on?

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I just had to pause AnS103 and write this here -> I WANT that cheese cuisine!! Cheese is not really my favourite food in the world (I'd go anytime, anywhere for coffee, but not cheese), but just looking at those fluffy stuff... I want O_o;;; Especially that Epoisses souffle... I want...

I showed my sister and housemate 24 hour vid on Nino's part (where he visited Kanato-kun and Ai-chan) and we ended up discussing about hydrocephalus while watching it... They were doing Paediatrics and I don't think they've seen this kind of case before (I certainly haven't seen it since I'm doing Medicine) so it was quite interesting for us.

Gah, people in O&G finished their exams today! And now I'm stressed... not only for the horrible day yesterday but also for the next paper. Having to have to know 'everything under the sun' is no fun at all...
Yeah... before you could go to that exciting stage like in 'Code Blue', there will be exams, exams and more exams (which I don't mind the written paper, but viva/long case/practical... I dread those)

Wondering why I'm online? It's because it's exam week and I'm at the place where I can access internet easily. Starting Surgery posting next week, I'll be on hiatus again *sigh* (dreading the late night on-calls)


Jul. 17th, 2007 02:46 pm
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I'm writing something (it's a s.e.c.r.e.t.!. XP) and one chapter prompted me to look for something on the net; Trio the Shakin ( *sigh* I watch too much Music Station -_-;;;) and it in turned made me head to YouTube to watch Kuitan XDD

And now I can't stop smiling, snickering, chuckling and laughing! For some reason, I have a feeling that I'll be addicted to this series, and Kuitan 2 that's out won't help too O_o;; I'll probably persuade my sister to find the DVD or something like that -_-;;;

But at least The Gluttonous Detective is distracting me from this agonizing, painful cramps I'm having *gRrrr~*

EDIT: Okay, I changed my mind; it's not just funny, it's hillarious! And I was laughing all way through till my mom came into the room and looked at me with this weird look. 

Sort of remind me of Antique Bakery too... That was just hillarious too XD
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