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I wasn't there (I had to be at some other place for Mercy's simulation training for the UN-WFP) but I had fun looking at the photos ^^ The cake looked yummy too...

Photos at: malaysianoarashi.fotopages.com/

I'll write more (kinda interesting simulation exercise) once the exam week's over ;) ->
The scenario was Avian Flu. We volunteered for the role of IDPs where they (World Food Programme, UN with collaboration with MERCY Malaysia) were doing simulation for food distribution in this situation.
We were divided into 3 camps- 2 internally displaced people and 1 Avian Flu victims. At each camp, we were given name cards, as though those were our names on the tags to collect food. At my sister's camp, while her colleagues were distributing the cards, they said our loud the names. What caught her attention was "Masaki Aiba". And then one colleague went "Jun Matsumoto? I'll be Jun Matsumoto!"

There was also Ohno's name (but no Nino and Sho) XDD

I wished I was at her camp -_-;;;

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Please note that seating priorities are for those who paid before November 25th; I'll be calling or texting you to get your preferred seating.
For the rest, you can choose the seating during the screening day on registration.

Refer below for the updated seating arrangement:

This is the rough idea on how it's going to be on this Saturday:

12.30-1.15pm - registration
1.30 - 3.15pm - movie screening
3.20 - 3.50 pm - move from movie teather to the lounge and serve food
3.50 - 4.30 pm - PV screening *so org leh tgk2+mingle around sambil makan2*
4.30 - 4.50 pm - sharing session *for people who've gone to concert* TBC
4.50 - 5.15 pm - video messages from Arashi fans internationally
5.15 - 5.30 pm - Ohno's fanvid screening
5.30 pm - cake cutting ceremony
5.40 - 5.55 pm - information on Arashi in Malaysia 2009 plan
5.55 - 6.15 pm - free activity
6.15 pm - event ends

*Note that the timing may change*
*Seat B8 is also taken now*

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To all confirmed coming, below is the seating arrangement....

Priorities will be given to those pay earlier; I'll be calling you and you can pick your seat refering to the diagram below and let me know as soon as possible because I need to contact the rest of the people in the list, k?

Red ones are double seats...
Green have been booked (but this will change all the time depending on the contact list and their picks)

P/s- Screening is at 1.30 p.m. on Saturday the 29th. But registration would be earlier and F&B served after the screening. We'll come up with the tentative soon ^^

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