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My schedule for the next two weeks:

Tonight: 2 long case reports to be done
Sat: Sunathon (out of the house at 6.30 a.m.) / presentations prep
Sun: Health Intervention Programme / invited to an open house

2 case presentations + 1 tute presentation
Exams- long case; at any day, at any time starts Wed [<- was brought forward... what?!]

Next Sat/Sun:
Study~ Study~ Exams the coming week~
MERCY's volunteer for UN's disaster training

Next weekdays: Exams- theory paper (probably Mon) + leftover case presentations + logbook filling

Next, next Weekends: Bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding

Then break! Finally! [kinda sad to leave Surgery though]
But before that, adrenaline rush for the next two weeks...
Missy... prepare mentally for the lack of sleep and extreme tiredness, yeah? >.<
*cross fingers*

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Watched it last night at Sunway's TGV
I've never watched the series but I thought I'd give the final movie a chance anyway
... I liked it ^^

I figured since I didn't watch the series, I'm in no place of doing HYDF review here. It won't be in much depth so it'd be pointless/meaningless.
I'll leave it just as it is, ne?
Anyway, for those who follow the series, the final movies is DEFINITELY a recommendation! Seriously.

Got home late last night; went for supper after the show, ended up reaching home at almost 2 a.m.
Then I fell asleep on the couch... ~uwa~ I haven't done that for a loooong time that I almost missed it! XD
Now I have the urge to watch a stage play... I really wanna watch a good stage play now *wails*

I also got the chance to meet Salwa and Vicky (luckypurple) during the screening. It was fun meeting them =) Salwa's so energetic! ^^ Thank you for meeting me, ne? ^^
Been invited to the Nov. 29th screening + Ohno's birthday celebration...
I was pondering what do I have during the day when I finally realized that the week after that is my posting's final examination (observed long case and one theory paper)... Ahh... I just knew it wasn't a good date for me...
And then I realized that I'll probably not be in KL anyway on the day... has agreed to join one of Mercy's programme, one that I've been looking forward to for weeks now. I think it's still on, this one I have to check with...

Wargh~, but I'd love to meet other Arashian~ Maybe next time? *pouts at one corner*

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This is the relationship of me, RnK and of being bullied at the moment:

  Lack of internet connection at home
= friend helps downloading RnK
= converted friend into respecting Ninomiya
= now me being bullied / threatened of not getting RnK if I don't let this friend bully me
= at risk of loosing one haagan daaz + 'ffeeco'
= needs lots and lots of patience

Naruse-san! Why did you die when I need youuuuuu???!

[I need coffee to calm me down now O_o]

I'll review episode 3 once I get it from that kind friend of mine... which is next week that is. Perhaps I'll do episode 4 too if the softsub is up by that time.
Also, I'll probably do review of HYDF once I watch it next Saturday night at TGV KLCC too, I guess (can't wait for next week! ) ^^;
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*pats myself at the  back* I succeeded in turning a guy friend of mine who actually wasn't fond of JE artists (Arashi to be more specific) into someone who recognized them! *ehm* Actually, it wasn't me... it was Nino's acting >.< *pats Nino's back*
Since I didn't have internet connection, I asked a good friend to download RnK... the results? He was impressed with Nino! Haha! That made my day!

And I have to agree with him too.
Read more... (might contain spoilers!) )Continue read... may contain spoilers! )

Can't wait for the coming episodes. I'm wondering how the story's going to develop from here on?


Oct. 15th, 2008 09:01 pm
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Surgery's starting!

I like! ;)

Though the rounds are shorter (max like an hour!), by the time I got home in the evening, I'm flat. That doesn't take an account of the on-calls yet!

Demo ne.... I like it. I think I'll probably choose this as something that I want to specialize in in the future, provided I don't find other more interesting discipline. Psychiatry is another area that I have an interest in. We shall see it next year then, shan't we? ;)

But for now, I'm loving surgery! XD


Aug. 2nd, 2007 01:01 am
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There's a white hen around the neighbourhood. Beats me if I know whose chicken that is *shrugs*
All I know is that she's one of the trio that usually scare a cat at the back of my house during her meal time (and trust me when I say these chicken eat fishes O_o)

But that's not the only thing that amuses me. Past weeks, this white hen laid 7 (at least that was how many the last time I counted) eggs into one of my mom's flower pots. And now she's in the pot, making sure the eggs mature and waiting for the time her chicks would be hatched.

And hoorah! We will have tiny, little chickies in our backyard!! XDD
(I might get this lil random info into my fic later *LOL*)

p/s- Can't wait to run after the little chickies once they're hatched! =P

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