Apr. 11th, 2013 11:02 pm
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When you asked a permission to ask a question and receive no answer, does that mean you're not allowed to ask that question?

I sent a text to someone for a permission to ask a question since the issue was quite sensitive. And yet until today I receive no answer. So does that mean that I'm not allowed to ask the question? Shall I pretend that I didn't even send any text next time we meet? Or shall I just pop the question?
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I just had to pause AnS103 and write this here -> I WANT that cheese cuisine!! Cheese is not really my favourite food in the world (I'd go anytime, anywhere for coffee, but not cheese), but just looking at those fluffy stuff... I want O_o;;; Especially that Epoisses souffle... I want...

I showed my sister and housemate 24 hour vid on Nino's part (where he visited Kanato-kun and Ai-chan) and we ended up discussing about hydrocephalus while watching it... They were doing Paediatrics and I don't think they've seen this kind of case before (I certainly haven't seen it since I'm doing Medicine) so it was quite interesting for us.

Gah, people in O&G finished their exams today! And now I'm stressed... not only for the horrible day yesterday but also for the next paper. Having to have to know 'everything under the sun' is no fun at all...
Yeah... before you could go to that exciting stage like in 'Code Blue', there will be exams, exams and more exams (which I don't mind the written paper, but viva/long case/practical... I dread those)

Wondering why I'm online? It's because it's exam week and I'm at the place where I can access internet easily. Starting Surgery posting next week, I'll be on hiatus again *sigh* (dreading the late night on-calls)


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