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So this is my first entry here. I wanted to write the first post 2 weeks ago, when I was down with bad sore throat that rendered me voiceless, like literally no voice at all that I had to take MC! But yeah, I was preoccupied with other stuff and didn't manage to jot anything down. My voice is coming back slowly , it's not as raspy as previously but it's still not normal yet. The cough persists though... and I suspect it will last for another month or so, just as previously.

I finally watched Shigatsu Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) live action and I love it! Came across the soundtrack and insert songs and stumbled upon Seven's Orange (2nd Ending song for the anime version) and I absolutely love love love them all! I have a feeling that I'd be playing the songs on loop for the next few days :)

Apart from that, we had a reunion, my classmates when I was in Standard 6 of primary school! Someone actually went through all the troubles to initiate the group and surprisingly we've gotten everyone except for this one guy (and to be honest, I have no recollection of him ^^; ). So we decided a meet-up is a must and Saturday night was supposed to be the first official reunion but more than half of the class couldn't make it. Next time we'll plan it during school holiday, I guess since quite a number are actually teachers and some are living outside Klang Valley area. 

On the other note... my cousin will be leaving for Hong Kong at the end of this month :(  She'll be outstation for the next 6 to 8 months and I'd loose one ear to listen to all my whining , cries and stories...

It will be tough years coming ahead, if I'm accepted into the Masters programme... and that means more time and energy time spent for work, less break and holidays (there goes my periodical must-have-holiday T_T) and to be honest I need all the support I could get in next 4 years... To be honest... I'm scared, to a point of wishing that I'd not make the list...

This will probably be among the places where I rant...

I'm oncall tomorrow.... and the precall blues have started *sighs*
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// Coffees at EspressoLabs- during one of the usual dates with Ijaji. The Library was closed and EspressoLab had an offer XP

// Raspberry Coffee by Quartet and I'd have to say it's delish!! Yup, coffee-date with Ijaji XD

// Dessert (? chocolate caramel clafoutis?) at L.table, Lavender during dinner with F4

Will be doing my first Neuro-oncall tomorrow! I'm already so nervous today and it's only Sunday morning! T____T

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//My morning view on 31.1.16
I'm a bit nervous and restless at this point of time... Next 4 days is like counting hours to be honest.
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"When something ends, then another begins
I’m sure there’s a meaning for everything"
Hajimari no Melody by HSJ
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I went through my private journal these past year... Been reflecting bits by bits important events since early this year and if there are still goals this year that I haven't achieved, what mistakes I could learn from, how can I improve myself in the future and what not.

As I went through the entries, I noticed at some point in my baby steps in medical field, I went from "Have I done justice to my patients?" to "Why do I even bother?". It was during the time I had many difficulties & unvoiced frustration during my ICU rotation. It was also the time when I decided I'm through with internal medicine, and so I said bye-bye to my dream of being a geriatrician and moved on to something else.

And then there's that short trip to Kundasang, Sabah. I call these medical relief aid as "refresher meet-up" because it is just as the name implied- it refreshes and rejuvenate my initial intentions of jumping into this profession, sort of like a knock on the door. And it's also usually the time where we get the chance to meet our ex-teachers and seniors who would usually ask our updates and remind us with their words of wisdom.

Different people have different ideas on trips and retreats. I think 'refresher meet-up' like this is as important as going on holidays :)

I still have that hesitancy somewhere at the back of my mind; and it usually comes out when I'm facing difficult people.

But at least, the question is no longer "Why do I even bother?"
Now it hovers between "Have I done justice?" and "What else can we offer?"

Still new in this field, still a longwinding road ahead... I wonder what will be the questions in the future?

あの日が伝える今日を つなぐ果てしない道
知らない時代でそっと 誰かが 背中を支えてる
どこに続いてる? 風に問いかけても
どこにも 答えは無くて
The past that led to today is connected by an endless road
People in times and places that you don't know have been gently supporting you
Where will this road go? Even if you ask the wind
There's no answer there
僕らがつないでいく (Bokura ga Tsunaideiku)
嵐 Arashi
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Now that I think about it, we've known each other for a long time
(Ai Wo Sakebe . Lyric cr: yarukizero )

Totally in love with this song! I knew that they were coming out with a new single, but to be honest, I couldn't really be bothered since the routine nowadays is : wake-up , go to work , work , figuring out the DM audit / skin presentation , go home + watch Arashi vid on the way , got home , eat , either checked out latest update in LJ / watched a little tv / sleep (more likely to sleep than anything else since I wake up between 5 to 5.30 am every day) .
Weekends would be my day to catch up with whatever downloads that I've missed , trying to meet those people whom I haven't met in quite a while , or... study if not oncall...

<< Once a month I'd help to facilitate in a houseman prep course; once in a blue moon, I'd go "crazy" and goes off some trip.... well... Japan in April, Singapore in July, Ranau in September and Penang in May (actually it was for a course) and October. After last impromptu trip to Singapore (lured by [ profile] slowcharlotte ) I err.... don't think I'll be going abroad for quite a while...

  But last few weeks, I had the chance to watch the Digitalian con + Suppin Digitalian and some other shows (including the VSA with Hawaiian sp) and all these just remind me why I love Arashi in the first place. Somehow it's nostalgic. Although no one to fangirl with means me fangirling alone either in the train or in my room, jalan je! Haha!

  Today is the last day of the long weekends; I took an effort of taking leave on Friday (hey, who wants to work on your special day, right?) and ended up meeting a long-lost friend for meals. Having 2 desserts in one day, Pavlova in Alexis and Pecan Pie in Harrods Cafe maybe was not a good idea... I ended up with stomach discomfort that night XP This girl was a good friend during my senior high school time so it was good to catch up- with her already having 3 children of her own, I realized how different our lives are now.

>> On Saturday I went to an ex-high school mate's sister's wedding. Since their mom passed passed away a couple of years ago, she took the role of wedding planner. Through her, I met (via whatsapp) the rest of the group and during the wedding,
I met one of the girls... how nostalgic... since I kept low ever since I moved away when I was 16. I'm glad his particular girl didn't change much and I'm honored that her mom still remembers me :D
But somehow... I feel that the dynamic we had 15 years ago has somehow changed.... especially because I moved away and the group were still stay together till end of high school. Maybe it's just me... *shrugged*

Yesterday my best friend whom I've known since I was 7 came and we ended up shopping for presents for her friend's children's birthday party and then lunch at Umai-Ya. She wanted to try the Wagyu and I satisfied my craving for sashimi (very much blamed Oh-chan for this to be honest).

And today, after my session at HO-prep course, an ex-collegemate a.k.a. fellow MO came and picked me up for lunch at Acme Bar and Coffee. The dessert was SUPER yummy! But the ice-mocha was so-so... Meeting her as usual we ranted whatever we need of working life XP

And that's how I exceeded my food budget for this month AND next month T___T

Although, the reason for this entry isn't exactly to rant about my weekends, but more for the upcoming rotation I'm going to T_T Our hospital is the referral centre for Rheumatology and Endocrine, so being in General Medicine, we have to do Nephrology rotation as well as part of the training. The nearest centre for Nephro is in Serdang and to be honest I'm very reluctant to go... not so much because of the change of hospital and department, but more of because I have to drive T____T Yeah, I'm spoilt like that... I don't want to drive *cries* After almost 2 years of taking train (and I'm telling you how many vids I can spend watching during the train ride) driving to work early in the morning, trying to find parking spot and be stuck in the jam on the way home sound dreadful to me T_T

Bleeeeehhhhhhhhhhh! SO not looking forward to those orz someone save meh!

On the other note, I'm working on the posts of "7 in Japan" at , with little tidbits on the trip, so hopefully once that is done, I can go back on regular entries :)

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MJ! Stay cool and please produce more spectacular concerts! :D


Apr. 11th, 2013 11:02 pm
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When you asked a permission to ask a question and receive no answer, does that mean you're not allowed to ask that question?

I sent a text to someone for a permission to ask a question since the issue was quite sensitive. And yet until today I receive no answer. So does that mean that I'm not allowed to ask the question? Shall I pretend that I didn't even send any text next time we meet? Or shall I just pop the question?
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I felt appreciated. And remembered.
Thank you very much.

(Please read this in sarcastic tone)


Jan. 15th, 2010 07:53 pm
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Psychiatry paper this morning just killed all the mood I have today. Possibly tomorrow too ¬_¬
I'm not impressed with myself [and also some other stuff that put me on edge/made me more emo]

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Theme: Mom's Little Garden
Venue: KL Home, Kuala Lumpur
Date: August 28th, 2009

Been wanting to capture some of these since the plants were sent from Sungai Petani last June. When I took the camera out to take the purple flower shots Rachie sent, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get some from the garden too; after all, the evening sun was lovely. Please enjoy this~ ^.^

Warning: Image heavy )

Next: While Waiting In the Car...
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I’m called to write this for 2 reasons: first is because Paediatrics posting has finished; at least for now, until we’ll meet it again in Final Year. The second reason being Nino’s new SP in Spring.

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Putting that aside, I’m really looking forward for the SP and I’ll miss Paediatrics….

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Tagged by [ profile] ai_nino 
a. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
b. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you <- i won't be doing this tho.... i don't have enough friend to complete this task T.T

1. Where did your LJ handle come from?
I posted fanfic and at one time i was on hiatus (actually i still am since i haven't finish one fic because i ran out of ideas and inspiration T.T) and I was transferring school.... so I need a place to keep whoever that read my fic updated on the reasons I wasn't posting as usual... I used pen-name higure-san, hence my lj nick too

2. How do you style your hair?
I don't... don't need too as well -> wear headscarf

3. What is making you happy right now?
at the moment i can't be happy, issues in gaza is too depressing... and paeds is not really helping too...

4. What are you currently reading?
Story books? I'm still trying to finish 'The Memory Keeper's Daughter'. If books in general, I'm currently into Nelson's Essential Paediatrics, Hospital Paediatrics and different journals on paeds' diseases... Otherwise I'm enjoying Gwendy-pine's fanfic on weekly basis ^^

5. Do you need music to study/write?
Depends.... most of the time I can't concentrate if there's music around. If I really want to concentrate, there must be nothing but quietness XDD

6. What is the last song on your play list?
Micheal Heart's 'We Will Not Go Down (Gaza)' <- still playing. If last song, I guess Believe

7. What was your first car?
Ford Festiva, hatchback... sold it already, I can't possibly bring that back from Perth now, can I? XDD

8. Do you have a crush at the moment?
I'd like to think so! hahahaha XDD

9. What is your favorite movie genre?
depends on my mood i guess.... most of the time it's romance but stuff like american gangster, i am sam, beautiful mind, transformers etc piqued my interest too. i have broad range of interests.... oh, minus horror flicks <- have too vivid of imagination to watch this

10. What was the last thing you ate today?
pisang goreng i.e. fried banana

11. What is your favorite color?
purple, more towards lavender-ish shade; but i'm partial to soft pink and baby blue too ^.^

12. What websites do you visit daily?
Yahoo Mail, LJ, Arashi Forum

13. What's your favorite food?
All time fave -> sambal sotong and tomyum
lately i'm enjoying japanese food too ^.^

14. Which languages do you wish you spoke?
Japanese and Arabic

15. What is your biggest pet peeve?
i have a lot, unfortunately XP.... lemme think.... i guess i'm easily irritated when someone tells me to do something but he/she doesn't want to take responsibility/give out ideas to make it better.... someone who's full of talk only but take no action

16. Do you have birthmark?

17. Who was your childhood idol?
My uncle XD I actually took him as one of my history project when i was in primary school XDD

18. Where would you like your next holiday to be?
Tokyo.... seriously.... if local, i'd like to go to Pulau Perhentian

19. What do you do to fall asleep?
Put my head on the pillow and close my eyes? hahaha! i fall asleep easily lately

20. Tell me something you love about the person who tagged you.
Dedicated.... Very sweet and I'd love to meet her one day, given chance. She's the one responsible into pulling me deeper into Arashi fandom anyway (Yes Ai, you did.... incidentally you introduced me to arashi forum and the rest is history XDD). Thanks for all your hardwork, Ai!! <33
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Copy and paste from Aimee-chan in ArashiForum :

"Okay, here's the deal: it seems like people have been saying that there's not enough support towards JE groups doing a concert here, but I really want to believe that it's not true. Bashing and hating aside, I'm sure I'd love to go to a Kat-tun concert or a NEWS con if they ever were to hold one here. I don't care who comes here, but I believe it's important we pave the way for (Uncle) Johnny to realize that there's a potential JE goldmine here. So, in order to do that, I've discussed this with fellow members here and we've decided to open up our own poll.

Convince me and everyone else in the world that JE fans in Malaysia are strong, united and full of support, okay? Please don't bash with your comments or you'll force me to take drastic measures against you. Feel free to either comment here ( or in the poll page itself, everything will be read, I guarantee it. All JE fans from all over the world, if you're willing to see your favourite group here in Malaysia, please do vote! And even if you're not from Malaysia, but would love to come to Malaysia if your group holds a con here, vote as well!"


If you're reading this and don't mind spreading it around, onegaishimasu!
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I wasn't there (I had to be at some other place for Mercy's simulation training for the UN-WFP) but I had fun looking at the photos ^^ The cake looked yummy too...

Photos at:

I'll write more (kinda interesting simulation exercise) once the exam week's over ;) ->
The scenario was Avian Flu. We volunteered for the role of IDPs where they (World Food Programme, UN with collaboration with MERCY Malaysia) were doing simulation for food distribution in this situation.
We were divided into 3 camps- 2 internally displaced people and 1 Avian Flu victims. At each camp, we were given name cards, as though those were our names on the tags to collect food. At my sister's camp, while her colleagues were distributing the cards, they said our loud the names. What caught her attention was "Masaki Aiba". And then one colleague went "Jun Matsumoto? I'll be Jun Matsumoto!"

There was also Ohno's name (but no Nino and Sho) XDD

I wished I was at her camp -_-;;;

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Please note that seating priorities are for those who paid before November 25th; I'll be calling or texting you to get your preferred seating.
For the rest, you can choose the seating during the screening day on registration.

Refer below for the updated seating arrangement:

This is the rough idea on how it's going to be on this Saturday:

12.30-1.15pm - registration
1.30 - 3.15pm - movie screening
3.20 - 3.50 pm - move from movie teather to the lounge and serve food
3.50 - 4.30 pm - PV screening *so org leh tgk2+mingle around sambil makan2*
4.30 - 4.50 pm - sharing session *for people who've gone to concert* TBC
4.50 - 5.15 pm - video messages from Arashi fans internationally
5.15 - 5.30 pm - Ohno's fanvid screening
5.30 pm - cake cutting ceremony
5.40 - 5.55 pm - information on Arashi in Malaysia 2009 plan
5.55 - 6.15 pm - free activity
6.15 pm - event ends

*Note that the timing may change*
*Seat B8 is also taken now*

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To all confirmed coming, below is the seating arrangement....

Priorities will be given to those pay earlier; I'll be calling you and you can pick your seat refering to the diagram below and let me know as soon as possible because I need to contact the rest of the people in the list, k?

Red ones are double seats...
Green have been booked (but this will change all the time depending on the contact list and their picks)

P/s- Screening is at 1.30 p.m. on Saturday the 29th. But registration would be earlier and F&B served after the screening. We'll come up with the tentative soon ^^

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My schedule for the next two weeks:

Tonight: 2 long case reports to be done
Sat: Sunathon (out of the house at 6.30 a.m.) / presentations prep
Sun: Health Intervention Programme / invited to an open house

2 case presentations + 1 tute presentation
Exams- long case; at any day, at any time starts Wed [<- was brought forward... what?!]

Next Sat/Sun:
Study~ Study~ Exams the coming week~
MERCY's volunteer for UN's disaster training

Next weekdays: Exams- theory paper (probably Mon) + leftover case presentations + logbook filling

Next, next Weekends: Bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding

Then break! Finally! [kinda sad to leave Surgery though]
But before that, adrenaline rush for the next two weeks...
Missy... prepare mentally for the lack of sleep and extreme tiredness, yeah? >.<
*cross fingers*

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Watched it last night at Sunway's TGV
I've never watched the series but I thought I'd give the final movie a chance anyway
... I liked it ^^

I figured since I didn't watch the series, I'm in no place of doing HYDF review here. It won't be in much depth so it'd be pointless/meaningless.
I'll leave it just as it is, ne?
Anyway, for those who follow the series, the final movies is DEFINITELY a recommendation! Seriously.

Got home late last night; went for supper after the show, ended up reaching home at almost 2 a.m.
Then I fell asleep on the couch... ~uwa~ I haven't done that for a loooong time that I almost missed it! XD
Now I have the urge to watch a stage play... I really wanna watch a good stage play now *wails*

I also got the chance to meet Salwa and Vicky (luckypurple) during the screening. It was fun meeting them =) Salwa's so energetic! ^^ Thank you for meeting me, ne? ^^
Been invited to the Nov. 29th screening + Ohno's birthday celebration...
I was pondering what do I have during the day when I finally realized that the week after that is my posting's final examination (observed long case and one theory paper)... Ahh... I just knew it wasn't a good date for me...
And then I realized that I'll probably not be in KL anyway on the day... has agreed to join one of Mercy's programme, one that I've been looking forward to for weeks now. I think it's still on, this one I have to check with...

Wargh~, but I'd love to meet other Arashian~ Maybe next time? *pouts at one corner*

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The swindle surprisingly went quite smoothly and short; I was expecting it to be longer. And the way Koichi suddenly brought the sorrow atmosphere when he looked at the sky that night was brilliant. Of course, the music background helped a lot.


Read more... but I believe this contain spoilers. At your own risk, ne? )

The end of this episode was a bit confusing; there are a few questions and possibilities in my mind but I’ll just keep that to myself for now, ne? For now, it already created high tension for the next episode. The preview of the next episode was quite intriguing but one that really attracted my attention was Ninomiya’s expression in one of the takes… He looked so… argh, you have to watch it yourself! XD

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This is the relationship of me, RnK and of being bullied at the moment:

  Lack of internet connection at home
= friend helps downloading RnK
= converted friend into respecting Ninomiya
= now me being bullied / threatened of not getting RnK if I don't let this friend bully me
= at risk of loosing one haagan daaz + 'ffeeco'
= needs lots and lots of patience

Naruse-san! Why did you die when I need youuuuuu???!

[I need coffee to calm me down now O_o]

I'll review episode 3 once I get it from that kind friend of mine... which is next week that is. Perhaps I'll do episode 4 too if the softsub is up by that time.
Also, I'll probably do review of HYDF once I watch it next Saturday night at TGV KLCC too, I guess (can't wait for next week! ) ^^;
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Wrote this as soon as I watched episode 2 of Ryusei no Kizuna... Am a bit depressed this week (-_-;;;) so I'm glad I could online today!

If episode 1 was an intro to the siblings and the people around them, episode 2 is more of character development and the unfolding of what happened after the Ariake Tousan and Kaachan were killed. Again, there are 3 time line: the family before the murder took place, the siblings after their parents were killed and the present time.

Read more... (not responsible for spoilers, ok?) )

One thing that I hate in a drama (or in any writings that I read) is cliffhanger… Especially since I couldn’t get the internet connection until on the weekend (which by the way, the drama won’t be out till then, but still…).

But then, cliffhanger will build tension and that’s what people usually want the audience to have, ne?
(Yeah, being a self-claimed author, I completely understand that feeling… the more the tension and feedback, the more exciting it is to produce the next chapter, I know)

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