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//My morning view on 31.1.16
I'm a bit nervous and restless at this point of time... Next 4 days is like counting hours to be honest.
Nothing major; just that I'm traveling off to Egypt for my brother and sis-in-law's graduation, and a little of sightseeing. And that will be in 4 days time- in which I have to re-do my presentation preferably while I'm still here because.... I'm presenting on the day right after I arrive home on 18th! *criesbucket*
And when I said I have to re-do, it means reading 3 major papers and based my presentation on those papers T_T
On top of that, I still have an oncall tomorrow, practice questions to email my mantee, and supervise my HO who's presenting with me.

Although I'm 85% finished packing, I will still need to iron the clothes and scarves and transfer the files I needed into my phone/usb... I'm praying hard that tomorrow's oncall will sail smoothly with me being able to catch enough sleep at least.... past couple of oncall = sleepless calls due to bad dengue / non-stop referral

Things didn't really roll out as smoothly as I'd like it to be since 2016 started... I didn't get into the Masters programme that I applied- I didn't get through the screening exam (>.<) But hey, it made me re-think my options and next step... I'm half-foot into making the final decision of applying into Masters in Internal Medicine instead.

Since I was preparing for the exam, I've neglecting my regular workout- despite the fact that we did hike Tabur Extreme on 16th; a large group, a short hike, but man.... I wonder how long will it take me to get fit (>.<) And because I was busy with presentation and oncall, I haven't been properly working-up for past 1 month too T_T And I have a feeling that it will drag into February since half of the month I'll be away, and when I come back, I'll be attending MERCY's training + oncalls orz
Let's just hope they won't choose a difficult trail in March.

My big boss retired last Friday... and as the next person-in-charged of the MOs , I'm now facing the new boss whom... just doesn't exude the same friedly-and-motherly aura.... and I'm very nervous about it... Largely bacause by ranking and experience and many other things, I'm still a junior!

On the other hand, January was like an Arashian reunion month XD Met the F4 sisters on 25th to visit Ai's newborn, that was like a finally complete meet-up for us 4 after more than a year!
//We have decided that 21.1 will be our anniversary date since it's the day we all meet each other face-to-face

And then I joined the ex-Aibakalanders on their staycation at Gerimis Senja on 30.1to 31.1... I last saw most of them like what..... many many years ago! Even Chika and Ecot has baby boy now! But the place was SOOOO OH-SOME!!

//Selfie credit by Ija, since the group photo isn't shared yet

"When something ends, then another begins
I’m sure there’s a meaning for everything"
Hajimari no Melody by HSJ


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