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The swindle surprisingly went quite smoothly and short; I was expecting it to be longer. And the way Koichi suddenly brought the sorrow atmosphere when he looked at the sky that night was brilliant. Of course, the music background helped a lot.


It’s kinda hard to accept the fact that behind the brilliant mastermind of Koichi, there’s absolutely the hidden baka inside of him. The part where he made that stickers and t-shirts and admitting to loneliness was hilarious… Man, I’m sure a lot of girls won’t let you be alone for a long time, Ninomiya-san! XD


This is just my opinion; the beginning was perfect, I liked it (again, most credit went to the background music) but I thought at the lines where chibi-Koichi said at the end that overlapped with adult-Koichi, if the image transition when fading and reappearing instead of suddenly adult-Koichi appearing would make it even better.


The time slip fitted in nicely this time around. And the fact that a little more secret about Ariake-touchan and kaachan was something that I was looking for; something that pointed this story somewhere. Little by little information is spilled out, both to the Ariake siblings and the viewera. Who would have thought that the umbrella left in the past was wiped off any fingerprints. I’ve been spoiled with one minor detail of Shizuna being their half sister by the novel; if not I’m pretty sure this one particular detail would make a big impact when it was revealed in this drama.


The part where they were packing to go to the orphanage and the occasional replacement between the chibis and adults alternately in past the scene made my eyes watery. The replacement was nicely done, fitting the part of the chibis and their respected adult-selves. However, I'm pretty sure some might find it unnecessary; though in my opinion it made the drama more interesting a different from others.


The children in here were brilliant! The part where Chibi-Koichi cried also made me almost cried; all the bravery and strength he put up in front of his younger siblings finally crumbled away. That, transformed to adult-Koichi’s expression soon after that scene, it looked like he just cried. But I’d love to see crying Ninomiya in the car… unfortunately it wasn’t there. I was half expecting it would… haha!


In this episode, I believe I saw more of Taisuke’s character. I’m glad for that and now I already have the feeling of Ryo as the second brother.


Chotto matte! Towards the end of this drama, if you watch it really carefully, I think you can feel something clicked in your mind. I know that Hayashi Rice is the key to the Ariake parents’ murder and I’ve been wondering about that chap who kept on going to George-san’s restaurant to find Hayashi Rice… I wonder if these two have any connection at all, this is something that I believe we should carefully look at.


The end of this episode was a bit confusing; there are a few questions and possibilities in my mind but I’ll just keep that to myself for now, ne? For now, it already created high tension for the next episode. The preview of the next episode was quite intriguing but one that really attracted my attention was Ninomiya’s expression in one of the takes… He looked so… argh, you have to watch it yourself! XD


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