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Gah! The suspense! *GrrR~* I hate it to be left hanging like that *pouts*
But then I hate to be left with cliffhanger of the fighting scenes too *more pouts*

No spoilers this time- don't feel like ranting it, apart from the fact that made me think 'ahh... Sasuke's on the run again' *sighs*
And that better be kage bunshin too! `A'

On the other note, my mind's working again for Odds *hurrah!*

And I want to write another romance fic *sighs* and probably some drama thrown in it too *orz* But I don't want to start anything, at least not until I finish Serenade and settle down in uni next week *shudders* And I haven't even found a house yet! -_-;;; 
(But I reckon Sasuke as a painter would be awesome to write *winks*)

P/s- how long does it take for chicken eggs to be hatched?! I've been waiting for a week and all the mom-hen seemed to be doing was acting dead in my mom's pot above the 7 eggs she laid! I mean, she doesn't even move to feed O_o;;
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Got back from a 6-hour journey and after an hour of grueling mopping and cleaning, I'm beat up.
Till I suddenly remembered that I haven't yet read chapter 363 of Naruto! O_o;;

A few days away from internet connection sent me to lack of interest to write Naruto's fanfic -_-;;;
I need some few good fics to bring me to that obsessive state again -_-;;;;;; Gah! This is what I'm afraid when it's time to start uni again! The horror...

Great, now I can't sleep, despite feeling very tired from the constant travelling (we're travelling again end of this week `A')/ )


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