Aug. 31st, 2015

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Now that I think about it, we've known each other for a long time
(Ai Wo Sakebe . Lyric cr: yarukizero )

Totally in love with this song! I knew that they were coming out with a new single, but to be honest, I couldn't really be bothered since the routine nowadays is : wake-up , go to work , work , figuring out the DM audit / skin presentation , go home + watch Arashi vid on the way , got home , eat , either checked out latest update in LJ / watched a little tv / sleep (more likely to sleep than anything else since I wake up between 5 to 5.30 am every day) .
Weekends would be my day to catch up with whatever downloads that I've missed , trying to meet those people whom I haven't met in quite a while , or... study if not oncall...

<< Once a month I'd help to facilitate in a houseman prep course; once in a blue moon, I'd go "crazy" and goes off some trip.... well... Japan in April, Singapore in July, Ranau in September and Penang in May (actually it was for a course) and October. After last impromptu trip to Singapore (lured by [ profile] slowcharlotte ) I err.... don't think I'll be going abroad for quite a while...

  But last few weeks, I had the chance to watch the Digitalian con + Suppin Digitalian and some other shows (including the VSA with Hawaiian sp) and all these just remind me why I love Arashi in the first place. Somehow it's nostalgic. Although no one to fangirl with means me fangirling alone either in the train or in my room, jalan je! Haha!

  Today is the last day of the long weekends; I took an effort of taking leave on Friday (hey, who wants to work on your special day, right?) and ended up meeting a long-lost friend for meals. Having 2 desserts in one day, Pavlova in Alexis and Pecan Pie in Harrods Cafe maybe was not a good idea... I ended up with stomach discomfort that night XP This girl was a good friend during my senior high school time so it was good to catch up- with her already having 3 children of her own, I realized how different our lives are now.

>> On Saturday I went to an ex-high school mate's sister's wedding. Since their mom passed passed away a couple of years ago, she took the role of wedding planner. Through her, I met (via whatsapp) the rest of the group and during the wedding,
I met one of the girls... how nostalgic... since I kept low ever since I moved away when I was 16. I'm glad his particular girl didn't change much and I'm honored that her mom still remembers me :D
But somehow... I feel that the dynamic we had 15 years ago has somehow changed.... especially because I moved away and the group were still stay together till end of high school. Maybe it's just me... *shrugged*

Yesterday my best friend whom I've known since I was 7 came and we ended up shopping for presents for her friend's children's birthday party and then lunch at Umai-Ya. She wanted to try the Wagyu and I satisfied my craving for sashimi (very much blamed Oh-chan for this to be honest).

And today, after my session at HO-prep course, an ex-collegemate a.k.a. fellow MO came and picked me up for lunch at Acme Bar and Coffee. The dessert was SUPER yummy! But the ice-mocha was so-so... Meeting her as usual we ranted whatever we need of working life XP

And that's how I exceeded my food budget for this month AND next month T___T

Although, the reason for this entry isn't exactly to rant about my weekends, but more for the upcoming rotation I'm going to T_T Our hospital is the referral centre for Rheumatology and Endocrine, so being in General Medicine, we have to do Nephrology rotation as well as part of the training. The nearest centre for Nephro is in Serdang and to be honest I'm very reluctant to go... not so much because of the change of hospital and department, but more of because I have to drive T____T Yeah, I'm spoilt like that... I don't want to drive *cries* After almost 2 years of taking train (and I'm telling you how many vids I can spend watching during the train ride) driving to work early in the morning, trying to find parking spot and be stuck in the jam on the way home sound dreadful to me T_T

Bleeeeehhhhhhhhhhh! SO not looking forward to those orz someone save meh!

On the other note, I'm working on the posts of "7 in Japan" at , with little tidbits on the trip, so hopefully once that is done, I can go back on regular entries :)

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MJ! Stay cool and please produce more spectacular concerts! :D


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